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Matthews, NC  28105

Amanda Vivian Master Stylist & Makeup Artist Charlotte NC

So are you tired of hearing from your stylist how bad box dye is for your hair but feel there are no better options?  You want to use salon color because it healthier for your hair but don't want to pay salon prices.  Do you want to use professional Color but don't have time for all the fluff?  Do you just need a root touch up but don't feel like leaving the house? I get it your hair is not your number one priority right now but you don't want to compromise the integrity of it.... I have the solution!

Starting in Spring of 2016 I will be introducing You to a new DIY (Do It Yourself) solution to Professional Color!

DIY Color Club

What is the DIY Color Club?

Lately I have been getting a whole bunch of clients calling frantically  telling me they used a so called professional online service that is supposed to be custom professional hair color which ends up leaving their hair dry, dull, or a different color than they wanted.

The hair color, isnt even a brand name, it bares the companys name on it...so where does this color come from, how do you even know the quality?


I will be launching a hair concierge program where you can pay as you go, or buy a years membership, and you will have A master Colorist go over with you.... in person, a consultation and custom color formulation will be created specifically for you!  Then when it is time for you to color your hair again all you have to do is drop by our location and pick up our DIY kit which contains ACTUAL BRAND NAME PROFESSIONAL COLOR!

We will make it easy, your color will come all ready customized in one container and the proper developer will be in a separate container.  The only thing you will have to do is mix the two when you get home, and apply!

We are proud to Introduce you to the all new

Now you can do your hair at home,